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Guidelines for Assistance

To be considered for assistance approval, the following guidelines will need to be followed.  NOTE:  Meeting these guidelines alone does not guarantee assistance.  Please allow 24-48 hours for us to review your NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM (see #2).

A valid State ID and proof of residency (ex: utility bill) are required for all programs.  You must also be a resident of Lexington County, SC.  Only 1 family member or household member at the same address will be considered for approval.  additional submissions of the NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM from other household members will be denied.  Assistance will be considered on a quarterly basis.

This non-profit is for single parents, families/legal guardians with children who may need some assistance.

Children should be under the age of 18 or have a disability that does not permit them to work.

Requests on behalf of someone else will not be accepted.  The single parent must request assistance and be registered with us. 

1.  A NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM is required for any assistance consideration.  The form can be found on the next tab - NEEDS ASSESSSMENT FORM or on our Facebook page - @HHFamilyOS, OR please go to the CONTACT page here on the website ( and click on the Facebook icon to be taken directly to the page.

2.  Grocery store gift cards - if approved, all cards will be mailed.  Please keep this in mind when requesting help with food.  No cash will be given out. Gift cards are from Walmart and are restricted (you will not be able to purchase alcohol, tobacco or firearms). Our mission is to help you with groceries for you and your children.

3.  Baby & Toddler Bank - we are in the process of collecting donations of baby and toddler items to have on hand.  If you need something for your baby and/or toddler, and we have it available, we will set up a safe pickup location or arrange to have the items delivered to you.

4.  Hygiene Kits - we know groceries are expensive so we want to help!  Items in kits will vary but most will contain shampoo, conditioner, tooth-paste, toothbrushes, etc.  Only one kit per family, one time per year.  Kits are available depending on donations received.

5.  School Supplies Bank - buying school supplies can be very expensive for single parents and those families who are experiencing some financial struggles.  If you need help before school starts or during the  year to replenish supplies, please fill out the Needs Assessment Form.  If you need assistance before school, please be prepared to provide a copy of the supply list from your kids school.

6.  Clothes/Shoes/Sneakers - we occasionally receive donations of clothes and shoes/sneakers.  If you are in need, please fill out the Needs Assessment Form and if we have what you need available, we'll arrange a safe pick up time/place.

REQUEST:  If we have been able to help you in anyway, please leave a review on our Facebook page (under the REVIEWS tab).  These reviews could assist in our receiving future grants and donations that allow us to continue to help you and others!  Thank you and God Bless!

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